5 comments on “Cardiff Bay Vintage and Classic

  1. I wish I’d gone down to the Bay now, but the weather looked so changeable I was put off.

    Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Kick Ass Blogger award! Full details over at my blog!

    Talk soon, xx

  2. Oh dear! Some of those ‘vintage and classic’ cars you show in your pictures are – to me – no such thing; they’re the kind of cars I could have bought new when I first had a driving license. If only I’d had the money of course.

  3. I propose to stay away from the debate about which cars are or are not classic etc. However, I think my title is valid because the UK public should have a rough idea what these termns mean by now, after several decades of vintage and classic vehicle events all over the country.

  4. It was more a comment on the fact that I’m aging than it was a debate about the meaning of ‘classic’, j. But it occurs to me that I’m probably now in the ‘classic’ category myself.

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