8 comments on “Critical Mass – counterproductive?

  1. I totally agree with everything you said here. CM seems to attract people who like to flout authority for its own sake. They’re starting to sound like a bunch of rebels without a clue. I make a point of stopping and waiting for cars to turn at intersections, regardless of which of us may have the right-of-way, especially when I see these birdbrains on their cell phones and only half paying attention anyway. Hopefully some of them will remember the cyclist who waited. Maybe I should retitle my blog to “Cyclist-in-Waiting”. 😉

  2. I’m definitely with you on this one, both you and Digital Dame, I think this is a case of looking for a cause, and taking a form of revolutionary (excuse the pun) action, a symptom of what is a general condition amongst a large portion of the population, a loss of direction, a search for a need, looking for some focus. For the cyclists involved in CM, it obviously isn’t enough that they have found a wonderful activity, that provides an outlet for their energy, vigour, as well as providing fantastic health benefits, but why the need to ram it down the throats of the rest of the population, with this revolutionary and selfish action?

  3. I think my vote makes it 3. I have never participated in a Critical Mass Event either. Somewhere the intent is getting diluted by the varying agendas.

    I made a couple of posts about Critical Mass earlier this week: http://www.cyclemania.ca/2008/07/cycling-new-york-city-critical-mass-ride-update/

    My intent was to highlight the bad behavior of the New York City Police.

    My research on the topic got me to thinking about the positive sides. The problem, however, is that there is no one agenda (IE promote cycling to the masses). So it is the strongest common agenda that wins out.

    Good post.


  4. Digital Dame, Welsh Cyclist, Les and Nick, thanks for taking the trouble to comment. I wasn’t sure whether anyone would agree with me (or bother to comment if they did agree) so it is good to know that I am not a lone voice here.
    Les, I have read your CM posts and thank you for them. My remarks are addressed specifically to the UK activities because I don’t feel qualified to comment about CM overseas.

  5. Ecohustler, thanks for your comment. I have read your post and see nothing in it that gives me reason to change what I have written here about Critical Mass.
    In fact I would say that I agree with much of what you have written but I am not clear about what you actually want. Are you saying that
    1/ There should be no rules for cyclists.
    2/ That the rules should stay but cyclists should have discretion to ignore them?
    In my opinion 1/ would be ridiculous and 2/ is pretty much how things are. The rules could do with some updating but it is a waste of time updating rules of which too many cyclists are ignorant in the first place.
    As regards breaking the rules, it seems to me that a bit of anticipation and common sense should enable most dangerous situations to be avoided. If and when an unavoidable circumstance occurs I think it unlikely that any court would punish a cyclist who broke a rule in order to escape from imminent danger (as opposed to consistent rule breaking as a matter of habit). Do you know of any such cases?

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