7 comments on “Designing the blog

  1. I love to continually tinker with the design. Actually, that’s part of the fun of having more than one blog, I get to play with more! I think I went through four themes in the first two days on my main blog. The header photo will likely be changing, possibly on a regular (or maybe not so regular) basis. If I ever get CSS figured out, watch out!

  2. The next job is to get a header picture, then I will leave it at that and concentrate on adding links – and hoping more people will reciprocate. It is not ideal but it is the best compromise I can find so far. As for CSS, when you have it figured out will you please explain it to me!

  3. Thanks for the link Les.
    The present heading set-up is a bit dull for want of a more colourful picture. Just wait and see!
    Otherwise I think this is a good compromise: Easy to read text, a soft neutral background that doesnt shout at you and nice framing for the pictures. I’m happy… …for now.

  4. You may find that hosting your site yourself versus with WordPress gives you a bit more flexibility with your design… and you are very welcome for the link.

    24 degrees and sunny here in Ottawa and planning to go on a ride this evening with the Mrs.!

    What type of pic are you looking for? We many…..


  5. Digital Dame: I thought I had better sort them out before the job became too onerous. There is room for further improvement – and plenty more links to come I hope.
    Javathepup: Thanks. The WordPress set-up suits me very well as it stands because it is so simple to use and it doesn’t burrow into my pension for hosting fees either. So, while it works, it is better that I do not try to fix it, especially as I am no computing expert. Regarding the picture, it is all in hand, just waiting for the weather.

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