4 comments on “Blogging, cycling, fitness etc.

  1. Nice site and great blogging. Have a look at ours and let me know if you want to do a reciprocal link.



  2. Your Raleigh Oakland looks very similar to my Raleigh Chiltern 3-speed, that I first bought to start cycling again, about 3 years ago. Except for the Brookes saddle, and the derailleur gears. I enjoyed the Chiltern very much, but punctures made my cycling a misery, the tyres weren’t up to the job, there’s so much glass everywhere. Even when I moved on to my current commuter, a Carrera Subway 8, punctures continued unabated. I had 8 in a 2 week period, commuting back and fall work, I became known as Curtis ” the flat “. I’m sure part of the problem, during those 2 weeks, was inexperience/bad workmanship at Halfords. However, I’m glad to report that I haven’t had a puncture for a good while now, not since I had Continental Safety System tyres fitted, guaranteed not to puncture for 12 months, worth every penny of the £20 each, price tag, by the way I’m touching wood while I say this. Whoops I do go on don’t I? Keep the blog going, I enjoy.

  3. Yes it looks similar except for the Chiltern’s 3-speed Sturmey-Archer gears and superior saddle. My Oakland has a steel frame (yours was aluminium I believe) and the Brooks saddle did not come with the bike. I would have preferred S-A gears but three would not have been enough! Will bear in mind your choice of tyres if I am unlucky with punctures. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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