11 comments on “One blog or several?

  1. I kind of lump things together in my Wandering Mind blog (hence the title of the blog!). I don’t know how to separate them into different categories within the blog? I do have one I am targeting more to my interest in writing.

  2. I have about 9 blogs!

    I had one blog for a while with everything in it but I found they were just too different. For example, people interested in vintage cycling may not be interested in bike activism etc. Also if you specialise, you can go way overboard with vintage stuff, or whatever, so that’s good, instead of just keeping it short and sweet, to keep people from falling asleep! I just don’t expect people to be interested in all the things I like. It’s a good job I can’t stand knitting, but if I did,that would have to go on a separate blog.

  3. Thanks to both of you, it is nice to hear from you.
    In WordPress, to cater for lots of different subjects in one blog you need to write separate posts on each subject, then label each post according to which category it should be in. Then, visitors click the appropriate category on the right of the page here to see the posts in that subject only. For example, my categories include Cardiff, cycling, and music. Then, as you browse each post, if the first few lines look interesting, you click the heading to see the whole post.
    So, each category becomes, in effect, a separate blog within your blog – if you follow my meaning!
    Just as well WordPress is so easy to use or I would not be able to make all this work.

  4. I love WordPress! I just recently defected from LJ, which is truly dreadful (at least their free accounts). I’ve been trying to categorize the new posts as I write them, I should probably go back to the older ones that I just migrated over and do the same.

    I know what you’re saying, I’ve been toying with the idea of more blogs to accomodate different interests, I’ve never touched on a lot of my hobbies in my blog. I’m just not sure how well I’d keep up with all of them.

  5. just williams.. you make it sound so simple.. and it seems to work with your blogs. However, I like some specialist links so hence another blog would be handy. Some links will be more ‘radical’ than for my other blogs. I suppose I have multiple personalities. Even my friends can’t keep up with me! Now I tend to give up telling them all.

  6. Digitaldame.

    My personal blog is on LJ.. which is useless! My ‘book friends’ are on it and they refuse to defect. I like wordpress, it is so user friendly.. though I can’t get it to do video on this (unless I stick it on youtube).

  7. I think I might stick to one main blog. The only snag I have found so far is that when I want to comment on a Blogger blog I need a Blogger or a Google ID. I do not know of a way around this. So I have a Blogger blog for this purpose only and to direct people back here!
    Please don’t regard my comments as criticism of your preferences – you must do what works best for you.

  8. I have two because my old blog title (disgruntled commuter) was so specific – and I’d kept it pretty much to one topic (no prizes for guessing what!). I was going to quit blogging when I quit commuting, but I was addicted, so I started a new one instead.

    If you want to comment on a blogger blog that allows ‘open id’ comments then you can use your wordpress blog – just choose wordpress, and type in the first bit of your blog (juswilliams in your case). It may prompt you for a password once, and then after that it should let you comment freely.

  9. Aha…! I suddenly understand how to use “Categories”! Profound thanks for provoking this epiphany!

    I’ve actually been mulling over the same question – I like the convenience of one blog but I also want to be able to discuss anything from art, politics or my bicycle through today’s news to my health…and not lose any sense of direction or coherence the whole piece might have…

  10. I am glad to have helped, albeit accidentally. Much as I like WordPress I have struggled to understand how to work it (what little I do understand, that is). My latest progress on leaving comments on Blogger sites is entirely thanks to Disgruntled’s comment above, for which I am very grateful. It’s good that we help each other.

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