9 comments on “Cycling and obesity

  1. I occasionally see a few larger girls cycling around here, and I gotta say I have nuff respect for them – I don’t know why they ride, whether it’s anything to do with wanting to lose weight, but who cares. Cyclists are rare around here… it’s good to see people of all shapes and sizes on bikes, not just the skinny whippets.

    One day this country will be like Amsterdam, mark my words.

  2. I think obesity is solved to much extent if we follow and practice physical activities is our daily life. IF these is followed as we did it in child hood then obesity will be a word of past

  3. Obesity is a huge problem (very punny, I know), and cycling is such a simple way to help gain control over it. I am an (obese) American woman who wanted to get back to cycling but was appalled to find out that nobody made bikes for heavy people. I decided to change that, and created an ecommerce store, http://www.SuperSizedCycles.com.

    What I’ve learned is that big people DO want to ride bikes, and they are grateful for a company that actually understands that they’re not mentally incompetent, just big.

    In an effort to eliminate the stigma of “fat” or “obese” or any of the other negatively-charged words that are associated with big people, I’ve invented a new word: “Zize.” Defined as “Size with Attitude.” We can help spur the biking movement for the obese by thinking of them positively, greeting them on the cycling paths with a smile, and in general, remembering that we’re all living this human condition together! Peace.

  4. Thanks for all your comments.
    Now, Joan, first let me say that I was not “having a go at obese people so much as trying to emphasise that cycling may provide a solution – of which many people may not be aware. It is a pity that “obese” is one of those negatively-charged words. Most of the people who are obese are living normal lives and harming no-one but themselves. Besides it can equally apply to very fit people with a lot of muscle, so that their weight is sufficiently out of proportion to their height by “normal” standards to make them technically obese – and I am not about to pick an argument with them!

  5. A delayed response–better late than never? I actually thought your post was great, and didn’t feel like you were “having a go” at us zize people. I usually can’t bear to respond to most blog posts, because they are so narrow-minded. I like what you wrote–a lot! It’s what’s true, and your attitude is not one of “ohmygod, these people are monsters!”

    Keep up the good work, and keep riding!

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