7 comments on “The Sunday Outing

  1. I don’t think the drivers concerned were displaying impatience, much less any deliberate aggression. It simply wasn;t occuring to them to give me a little extra space when they had ample scope to do so. I blame inadequate driver training, inexperience, and the fact that none of them (in all probability) had ever cycled on the public highway.

  2. I’m with you on the uneducated drivers, though there are definately a small bunch of people driving who take it upon themselves to be nasty just for the sake of it. Strangely I’ve noticed a group of otherwise ok drivers who come close when passing, then move further out a few yards after the back of their car has passed you.

    Citycycling.co.uk has a good peice on passing distances, well worth a read.

  3. Thanks Mike. Interesting article. While it offers possible explanations for the behavious of some drivers towards cyclists it cannot excuse that behaviour. There is no excuse.

    It has always been the inadequate individuals in society who have attempted to bully others and this sort of behaviour from drivers is a form of bullying in my opinion. It won’t chasnge until there are a lot more cyclists about – bullies don’t pick on groups, only on individuals.

  4. There’s some research that says motorists on average will leave as much space between them and the bike, as the bike has left between itself and the kerb. So the further out you are, the more room you will have (it sounds counter-intuitive but there you go). It takes a little nerve to do it, but it’s worth a try

    I also, based on no research at all, stick my elbows out when a car is coming up close behind me in a vain attempt to look wider and get more space. They say also that wobbly looking cyclists, female cyclists, and cyclists without helmets also get more space. Changing sex might be a little drastic (and tbh it’s never worked for me) but you could try a strategic wobble or two?

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