4 comments on “That cycling helmet debate…

  1. good argument.

    i never felt the need for a helmet in amsterdam, but here in birmingham my head feels naked without one…

    what scares me the most is going downhill at fairly high speed.

  2. Only in the last few years have I started to wear a helmet. Of course, I thought it ‘looks horrible’ to do so but I think now, that I’d be a really bad patient in hospital or at home if brain damaged and I don’t think I could handle other people putting up with my nonsense or me being stuck in bed never to be able to ride a bike again. Freak accidents do occur and I feel a little safer wearing one. My friend’s son died on bicycle and he could have been saved if he wore a helmet. My friend keeps saying I must always wear them. I don’t on small easy safeish journeys but generally if I am in traffic and going at speed I tend to wear one.

  3. I also broke a wrist by falling on to the pavement and so concrete and me, isn’t good news. When it happens, you tend to remember you better play more safe! Hence my fluorescentcyclechic.wordpress.com website encourages people to wear helmets, it should be made fashionably cool to wear a helmet.

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