4 comments on “Cycling – helmet or no helmet?

  1. Hhhhmm… do bike helmets really put people off riding? I used to think that I’d hate to wear a bike helmet, but after wearing it for a couple of rides, I’ve never looked back. Perhaps, its just the simple matter of getting used to how it feels on top of your head.

  2. I can’t comment on whether helmets could be a factor in keeping people from riding, but from my perspective, I won’t get on a bike without one.

    I’ve broken two helmets in crashes…the first shortly after I got my first adult bike. I was riding on an urban trail, crested a small hill and hit a pretty big rock, causing me to go over the handlebars.

    The second incident involved sliding out on a wet patch of asphalt on my road bike.

    Neither incident resulted in any serious injuries for me, but without the helmet to absorb the blow, I’m not sure…at the very least, I would have had a serious knot on my head both times.

  3. Good points from all three of you here – thank you. I have tried to summarise my own thoughts in my next post. This has been a bit like cycling itself – few hard and fast rules but trying to maintain some sort of balance.

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